Kirill Kirikov. Tech-entrepreneur, Engineer & Humanist

Kirill was born in IT family being close and curious about the tech stuff from early childhood. It looks like he never had the second idea about what to do in life. He was doing free-lance contracting in school years, getting a Computer Science degree in University and getting lead tech positions in several companies then.

10 years of development experience, managing team (up to 30 specialists), released more than 50 apps. Worked on software for Chrysler & Ferrari. Taught courses on iOS. Doing researches in the blockchain.

In 2012 started boutique software-development company called 4irelabs (formerly: Seductive Mobile). The mission of 4irelabs is creating complex R&D solutions in fintech.
From 2016 works as a solution architect in 4irelabs on the complex products in the blockchain field.

In 2019 started startup Datrics.AI that helps ML-practitioners to automate data-science and machine learning routines.
My projects:
Datrics. No-code tool for analytics and machine learning
4irelabs. Research & Develop innovative IT solutions for DeFI and Fintech.

I live in Kyiv, Ukraine.
In winter: Bali, Indonesia.
During corona: dreaming about Asia.
Tel: +380 50 889 1332
Skype: olmer.k
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